Talking about container gardening and not in ground, or raised beds….totally different!

* Early Blight, Late Blight, Septoria Leaf pot are fungal based problems.
They re spread by airborne spores that can originate on your own property or
come from miles away. To treat them requires a fungicide applied to your
plants, copper spray or Plant Wash Plus are a few options. If you have
had these, then the odds are they going to reappear year after year and a
proactive stance should be taken before they get a hold. Once a plant is
attacked by these, all one can do is to try to control it to save the plant. For the
mix in affected plants, it can be re-used by applying the fungicide to the top of
the mix and work it down into the top 2 inches of the mix…and rinse the
container. grow bag in a mild bleach solution and then rinse well and allow to

* Common Virus diseases come from pests spreading from infected plant to
healthy plants. Purchase only healthy seedlings, or start your own in fresh
uncontaminated mix. Viruses are carried over from infected plants in other parts
of the property also and can over winter in ground soil, or even in mix. Clean
out infected plants in other areas of property, and control the insects to control
the problem. Sterilizing soil will kill the viruses, otherwise dispose of the mix the
plant was in. Infected plants should not be composted but either burned or
bagged and removed from property. There is no treatment for virus infected
* Wilts (Verticillium wilt and Fusarium wilt). These are soil/mix borne, and there is
no cure, treatment, or preventative for them. If you suffer these then the mix
needs to be destroyed by disposal of it. In container gardening it only occurs
when a contaminated source is used in the mix. Having wilt problems is rare in
container gardening if using potting mix and not soil. If you suffer one of these
in a grow bag or grow pouch destroy the bag/pouch….bleach solution will not
kill it.

* Viruses and wilts can come in purchased bags of planting mix also.
Healthy plants…re-use the mix. Unhealthy plants destroy the mix if virus or

* At end of season wash all containers including bags or pouches in mild bleach
solution and rinse well and allow to dry