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Apple Red Wonder

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Red Wonder is a dark red coloured heirloom apple with a unique red flesh. Tart, sweet and a hint of spice describes this apple well. Apples are nice to eat fresh but are also good to use in baking. Red Wonder averages 6 to 7 cm in size and store up to a month in cold storage. Cider brewers enjoy using its rich red hue to colour their cider naturally. The fruit is also good for cooking, baking, freezing, drying and juice. An excellent all purpose apple.It’s also a pretty tree, compared to the average apple tree, this one stands apart with it’s silver tinged dark leaves.


Hardiness Zone: 2b
Height at Maturity: 18 feet
Spread: 16 feet
Soil Preference: Well drained
Light Exposure: Full sun
Pollination: Self-sterile (Plant with another apple tree for best pollination)