Bees are in crisis. Last year some beekeepers experienced from 30-100% loss of their honey bees. Wild bees (pollen bees) also experienced huge losses. These specially designed nest provide a safe haven for pollen bees, thus encouraging more bees around your garden! The nest is weatherproof and off the ground, volcanic rock filler around the nest tubes acts as a desiccant to remove unwanted moisture from the bee cells during their development. It also insulates the nests in extreme temperatures. These inexpensive nests will improve your garden and the environment; and are maintenance free! An average garden will benefit from 1 to 2 nests! rnrnQ: Will The Nest Attract Hornets, Wasps & Yellow Jackets?rnA: No. Most hornets, wasps and yellow jackets live in colonies with a Queen and Workers so would not use the single nest tubes in our nest. Mud Dauber Wasps although solitary they like to build their own nests of mud. You will also find that wasps will select another area away from our nest to build their nests as they are very territorial.