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Currant Collection

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8082 Ben Nevis Ideal for jams and jellies. Large black fruit with a strong flavour. New mildew resistant variety. Out yields all others! The plant stimulates digestion, stimulates the functioning of the liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys. Mature ht 1.2 m (4ft), spreads .9 m (3 ft).

8084 Red Lake produces large crops of dark red fruit. Used for desserts, preserves or wines. Rich in fibre; red currants consumed before meals are tonic (appetizer) and if consumed after eating they help the digestive process, being very useful in gastric disorders or inefficiencies. Mature ht 1.2 m (4ft), spreads 1.2 m (4 ft).

8175 Ben Hope Black Currant – Heavy crops of medium sized glossy, black fruits of outstanding quality and flavour. Ripens mid to late season. Very upright in growth and quite tall which makes it easier to harvest. Ideal for jams and jellies or juicing. Mature ht 1 m (3 ft).

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