This annual and perennial mixture is a blend of garden flowers and wildflowers that are known to be resistant to deer browsing. Keep in mind that if natural food supplies are low, or local populations of deer are dense, even these plants may be browsed by deer. Includes Bergamot, Blue Sage, Poppies, Four O’Clocks, Foxglove, French Marigold, Gaura, Yarrow, Lavender, Lemon Mint, Perennial Lupine, Larkspur, Aly ssum and Sweet William Pinks. (25 grams will cover approx. 250 sq ft of garden).

Planting Instructions
Seed as soon as the soil can be worked in spring. Makes sure soil is well prepared and spread seed over area. Lightly rake seed into soil surface and water evenly. To quicken germination the area can be covered with a Garden Blanket. If seed is not sown too thick, thinning may be saved. You will enjoy this delightful mix all summer long. Dead head flowers to ensure continuous bloom. Keep the soil moist until all seedlings appear in about 2 to 3 weeks.