Derek loved the beautiful colors of the fall! This inspired his sister Kara to dedicate the Tatarian Maple in his memory. Its bright red maple leaves are stunning in October and will stand-out in any landscape setting.rn We have been working with a unique gardening program based out of R. B. Russel School the past few years. The coordinating teacher Louise Shachtay has set the program up to give under privileged inner city kids a place to plant, grow, nurture and harvest a variety of veggies and flowers for their own enjoyment as well as their family’s. The students in this program were saddened when they heard of Derek’s passing, and made a beautiful plaque in Derek’s memory. A special thanks to Daniel Bird for all the time he put into this. This kind and wonderful gesture was very touching to our family and staff. rn In conjunction with one of our suppliers we are offering these larger size Tatarian Maples, (pruned to tree form, 1.2m – 4 ft tree at shipping time) to our customers—with a portion of each sale being donated to the R. B. Russell School program. These trees along with their spectacular fall color have a very distinct branching pattern that provide for a striking and dramatic display! A nice way to honour a very special boy and to help out a very special program. Mature height 8 m (25 ft) and width is 8 m (25 ft).

Some of the trees will be oversized (long) and will need extra shipping charges. If oversize shipped is required we will notify you before we ship the item in the spring.

Planting Instructions
Growing Tatarian Maple Trees