A natural fertilizer for use on plants and gardens, flowers and on soil. Fusion contains natural elements such as live micro-organisms, digestive enzymes that help to rejuvenate all type of soils that show a lack of natural elements. The leaves will grow healthier, bigger and have a nice shine. When you add Fusion to your soil the micro-organisms produce digestive enzymes that will eliminate toxic material, larvae and other insects. Add Fusion directly in the soil or on the leaves. Soil enhancer.

Also available: Fusion Powder

Ingredients: 500 million CFU/g. Microorganisms, enzymes and seaweeds.
Flowerbeds, bushes, hedges and trees, golf courses, gardens.
Indoor: plants and flowers.
Agricultural: Vegetable crops.


For maintenance: Pour 1 teaspoon of Liquid Fusion every month.
For agriculture: 4 litres per acres, twice per season. Apply directly on soil, not on leaves.