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Garlic Russian Red – sub: German Red

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Experiencing this German Red is like sitting in a deep, luxurious Lazy Boy; you don’t want it to end. The soft sulfurs and rich aromas make you deeply inhale and swirl the flavors around in your head, just because you can… without suffering undue bite or heat. A revelation for those unfamiliar with what real garlic can be, and a garlic powder lover’s dream.

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(Hardneck Rocambole Type)
This Eastern European treasure is a fiery garlic that has outstanding flavour. It has heat when eaten raw and a wonderfully rich, complex garlicky flavour when cooked. It is a top choice for garlic lovers.

Russian Red grows huge bulbs when grown in rich soils with adequate moisture and thrives in Canada’s cold climate. Bulbs have 6 to 10 cloves of medium size. Bulb wrappers range from having a hint of purple to strongly purple depending on local growing conditions.

Planting Instructions
Growing Garlic (will open in a new tab for print).