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Everything you need to start growing fresh healthy sprouts in your own kitchen. This basic sprouting kit is the best way to get started in sprouting. It includes instructions, an assortment of organic sprouting seeds, and a sprouting jar.


For many years, T&T has been known for its extensive gardening expertise and top quality seed and gardening supplies.We have combined these cornerstones of T&T to create T&T Grow Boxes. Our boxes are designed to give you all the information and supplies needed to get started growing a great indoor or outdoor garden. Each item in the box has been carefully curated by our team of pros to help you succeed in all your gardening goals. 

T&T Grow boxes offer customers everything they need from seed to growing materials to education at the click of a button. The T&T Grow Box is a one time purchase delivered straight to your door, or sent to a friend for an easy gift. T&T Grow Boxes are affordable, comprehensive kits to start you growing better than ever. Be sure to check out our other available Grow Boxes as well!

Includes 4 varieties of sprouting seeds. Seed varieties in photo subject to change. No requests or substitutions.