One each of:
8102 Boreal Beauty
8105 Boreal Blizzard

We are pleased to offer two varieties of Haskap edible honeysuckles. These honeysuckles are extremely hardy and early fruiting. The flower is hardy to -8C and the fruit is ready to harvest the third week of June. The fruit taste has been described as a combination of blueberries and raspberries and has a “melt in the mouth” texture! Produce a very small seed that is not noticeable when eating. Known for its health benefits in both Europe and Japan for their antioxidant properties, but also for their unique flavour! Haskap has the potential to be a huge commercial crop–but is ideal for the home gardener too! A naturally low shrub, 1.5 m to 2 m (4 to 6 ft) – should require relatively low maintenance. These improved strains have been developed by the University of Saskatchewan! One each of Boreal Blizzard and Boreal Beauty.

  • Will begin bearing fruit in 2-3 years. Birds also love the fruit, so Bird Netting is recommended


Planting Instructions


They prefer full sun. They like a well drained soil, heavy wet soil should be avoided. Plant at least 1 m (3 ft) apart. Fertilize bi-weekly with Rose & Strawberry fertilizer (10-52-17) and Liquid Seaweed.

HARVEST: This is the first fruit crop to ripen. Berries begin to change colours in early to mid June to early July and are ripe 7 to 10 days later during a normal year. Once they become completely purple, wait a few days for them to fully ripen. A good check for ripeness is to bite one in half. If it is green inside, it is not ripe. When ripe the interior should be red. When unripe, berries are slightly bitter and may have a grass-like flavour or mild astringency.

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