This impressive giant hosta was named in honor of the only lady emperor of China. A stunning garden specimen that is one of the most sought after hostas! The strong clump forming plants are fast growers with an outstanding upright growth habit. The leaves are massive measuring 45 cm (18 in) in width with great substance. Lavender lowers appear on 1.4 m (5 ft) tall scapes in midsummer. With the plants sheer size and fast growth rate, Empress Wu demands a soil that is consistently moist but no soggy. To achieve the mature growth size you will need to keep an eye on soil moisture and feed 3 to 4 times during the season! But the show will be well worth it.

Printable Instructions for Growing Hostas
This item also available in a collection of 2 named varieties 7050 Hosta Collection

They do best in light shade but will tolerate full sun or deep shade. Space plants 30-45 cm (12-18 in) apart. Hosta thrives in moist rich soil with added leaf mold or compost. Cover the root with 2-4 cm (1-1.5 in) soil. Remove faded flower stalks as self sown seedlings are inferior. Winter protection needed only in severe climates.