A delightful combination of pastel shades from lavender and pink to white. Uniform in color and form, noted for its earliness. Compact 10 cm (4 in) plants.

Planting Instructions

Very easy to grow. Direct seed in garden after the soil has thoroughly warmed in the spring, covering seed with 1/2 cm (1/4 in) soil. For earlier flowers start seeds indoors 4 weeks in advance of intended date for moving plants to the garden. Germinates best at 21 C (72 F) usually in 7-14 days. Merely press seed into the surface of the soil. Water well until well established. Reduce temperature to near 15 C (60 F) after the seeds sprout for best results. Fertilize every 2 weeks with 10-52-17 and liquid seaweed for strong healthy plants. Garden spacing 25 cm (10 in) apart.