A remarkable new dwarf Aronia. White spring flowers are
just the start of the show: glossy green foliage turns brilliant red in
fall, and black fruit are just as nutritious as our Viking Aronia. Quite
possibly the perfect landscape plant, it’s adaptable to most soils,
doesn’t need pruning and provides multi-season interest in the
landscape! Excellent groundcover plant! Mature ht: 30 cm (1 ft) and
spreads 60 cm (2 ft).

Planting Instructions
Growing Aronia


Aronia Berry Pie

Pastry for 2-crust 8″ pie
2 Tbsp butter or margarine
4 cups frozen aronia berries
2 cups sugar
5 tsp lemon juice
3/4 cup flour

Melt butter or margarine in saucepan.
Stir in and heat berries, sugar and lemon juice. When juice flows, stir
in flour. Cool to room temperature. Meanwhile, line pie pan with crust.
Pour in cooled mixture. Put on top crust; flute; slit. To catch juice,
put foil on pie skirt or cookie sheet. Shape upward around pie pan
without covering pie. Bake at 425° until browned, about 40 to 45
minutes. Cool. Refrigerate overnight.