Customers have been requesting a hardy Blackberry for
years–and now we have them! ‘Chester’ forms huge arching canes and
astonishingly large, deep black, very sweet berries. Ideal eaten fresh
or made into preserves and blackberry wine or just frozen for later use.
Very vigorous vine, growing 2-3 m (6 to 9 ft) easily, so space is
essential! Fruit starts to mature in late August and continues for
several weeks. Grow Chester up a trellis or along a fence where the
self-supporting stems will hold themselves up and offer you their rich

Likes full sun and a moist rich soil. Grow in rows, spacing the
plants at least 2 m (6 ft) apart and with support if possible, stakes or
trellis. They are a very vigorous grower up to 3 m (10 ft) easily

Planting Instructions
Growing Blackberries