Developed for the home gardener to provide a better head quality than the current early varieties! Head size is 20 cm (8 in) with dense white curds.

Planting Instructions

Seed outdoors as soon as weather and soil conditions permit. Cover seed lightly with soil, 6 – 7 seeds per 30 cm (1 ft) of row. Average garden soil and a sunny location are ideal. Thin to 30 cm (1 ft) apart when 7 cm (3 in) high. For earlier Cauliflower start indoors 2 to 3 weeks in advance of intended date for moving the plants to the garden. Germinates best at 21 C (70 F) in 7 to 10 days. Reduce temperature after germination to 15 C (65 F) and provide additional light to help prevent stretching and to tone up plants before transplanting outside. Several sowings of Cauliflower 10 days apart ensure a fresh supply into fall.

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