Bright, bold and beautiful! Rose centers on each leaf are surrounded by deep mahogany, and topped off with thin green margins. Bred to withstand full sun, with outstanding heat and humidity tolerance! Ideal for beds, baskets and containers. Ht 30 cm (12 in) and will spread the same.

Planting Instructions

Start seed 4 to 6 weeks in advance of intended date for moving plants to the garden. Press seed into soil, do not cover. Germinates best at 24 C (75 F) usually in 10-14 days. Fluorescent light helps seed germinate and speeds seedling growth. Transplant at the 3 leaf stage and reduce growing temperature to 18 C (65 F). Fertilize every 2 weeks with 10-52-17 and liquid seaweed for strong healthy plants. May be started anytime indoors and kept as a houseplant. Garden spacing 30 cm (12 in) apart.