SH2 (75 Days)Actually gets sweeter after you pick it! Slow to convert its sugar to starch, great for freezing or sale. 25 cm (10 in) cobs have 14-16 well-filled rows. (SH2) Very sweet. “Crunchier� than other types. Longer shelf life than others.

Supersweet types (SH2) Must be isolated at least 100 feet or more from other corn of similar maturity to avoid cross-pollination.

Planting Instructions

Sow when danger of hard frost is past, in rows 1 m (36 in) apart, 4 cm (1 1/2 in) deep and about 3 seeds per 30 cm (12 in). Firm down soil. Seed prefers 15 C (60 F) for proper germination. Cultivate shallowly as roots are very close to the surface. As corn is a heavy feeder, apply 3258 Corn Fertilizer every 10 days up until harvest. A 50 gram package will sow approximately 20 m (60 ft) row.