An improved early variety that will mature in short seasons with proper care. Bright orange flesh with beautiful, deep rose coloured skin. Sweet and smooth textured flesh. A favourite for mashing or roasting. Healthy, locally grown, and spray-free sweet potato slips. We proudly offer, a variety proven to be productive on the prairies. Sweet potato slips will be delivered by Canada Post when weather is suitable in mid to late-May! Sweet Potatoes grow in groups of up to a dozen underneath the vine much like a potato. A Sweet Potato is actually a member of the Morning Glory family so its leaves and blooms look very similar to the familiar vining flower. Sweet Potato plants stand about 20 cm (8 in.) tall but do have vines that sprawl out about 1.2 m (4 ft.) away from the main stem. These vines are not like Cucumbers and have no way of fixing themselves with any sort of tendrils. Beautiful foliage on strong vines that form adventitous (secondary) root systems like members of the Squash family.

Growing Sweet Potatoes (click to open pdf)