100 ml concentrate will make 80 litres


GS4 is a potent, water soluble, effective and efficient growth enhancer formulation that will stimulate both the cell division and cell elongation in leaves and stems, which enhances fruit set, fruit development and yield. Applying Gro Spurt on seeds helps to break dormancy, promotes seed germination under cold weather and soil conditions. Use at rate of 1 capful into 4L of water. The active ingredient is GA3 (Gibberellic Acid) which is one of the most widely used Certified Organic agricultural products in the world for nearly 50 years. Specifically formulated for:

  • Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers.
  • Tomato fruit set and increase size and yield of tomatoes.
  • Bedding plants, annual and perennial potted crops.
  • Ornamentals and bulbs, grass and turf.
  • Breaking seed dormancy to ensure seeds germinate quickly.

    And much more!

Recommended for all household and commercial growers/farmers.

Instructions for use:

Mix a capful of GS-4 concentrate in 4 litres of water. GS-4 is colorless, completely miscible in water and is non-corrosive. Handy application rate insert is provided.

Note – GS-4 is to be applied as a foliar spray and is applied until plant is completely drenched. It is important that proper plant nutrients are applied. This is a potent plant growth enhancer.