The very first All Kale Salad Mixture contained within a single pellet including frilly leaved types, purple types and blue types. unique multi-seeded pellets each contain 5-7 different seeds allowing for easy production of multi-leaf mixes or baby leaf greens in a small container.

Planting Instructions

Easily grown indoors or outdoors. Repeat seeding during the year is useful to ensure a constant supply. Most herbs prefer a sunny and not to wet location. Try to locate plants where they will get 5 hours of direct sunlight each day. Herbs usually grow well in almost any soil but tend to thrive in light sandy soil that has been enriched with peat moss or leaf mold and a moderate amount of fertilizer. Cover seed slightly with soil. Keep soil moist until all seeds sprout. Seed germinates best at 18-23 C (68 – 75 F) usually in 7-14 days. Garden spacing 1 m (3 ft) apart.