Double flowers, delightful assortment of bright colors. Plants are semi-trailing or climbing, excellent for window boxes, flower borders or covering dry banks. Ht 60 cm (2 ft).rnapprox 30 seeds in “A” size

Planting Instructions

Plant as soon as soil can be worked in the spring. For earlier blooms start indoors 4 weeks before transplanting into the garden. Cover seed as they do not need light to germinate. Germinates best at a constant 19 C (68 F) in 10 to 14 days. Grows best in full sun or partial shade. Since Nasturtium resent transplanting sow directly into peat pots or strips and transplant whole container. Excellent as a ground-cover, hanging baskets or window boxes. Feed weekly with 10-52-17 and organic seaweed. Garden spacing 30 cm (12 in).