100% All Natural Fertilizer

  • Wool is a sustainable, ecologically friendly, and renewable resource
  • It provides readily accessible nutrients to your plants, such as 9% Nitrogen for strong, green, robust plants, 1% Phosphorus for increased root development, as well as fruit and flower production, and 2% Potassium for
    increased disease resistance, growth, vigor, and resilience to
    environmental stress. It also helps to create healthy viable seeds, and
    larger fruit set PLUS micro nutrients such as Calcium (supports plant tissue, stop blossom end rot), Magnesium (for photosynthesis), Iron (to carry important elements through a plant’s circulatory system) and sulfur
    (supports formation of enzymes and proteins, is a component of some
    vitamins and is significant in helping give flavor to mustard, onions
    and garlic.)
  • Slow release of nutrients will feed plants for the entire growing season
  • Won’t burn plants like chemical fertilizers
  • Pellets hold up to 3X their weight in water, conserving soil moisture and protecting against over-watering by wicking away the excess
  • Wool increases soil porosity due to it’s natural expansion which aids root development and aeration
  • Deters slugs