SPE-120 Soil and Plant Enhancer with active ingredient Beauveria bassiana, is a natural, symbiotic fungus that lives in the soil, roots, stems, and leaves. SPE-120 will grow with the plant! Conventional seed treatments using neonicotinoids or other synthetic chemicals have a finite amount that can fit on the seed. They become less effective as the plant grows and are not compatible with nature. SPE-120 blends food grade and certified organic products with Beauveria bassiana. Certified organic. Can be applied at seeding time or sprayed on plants during growing season. Highly concentrated, 25 ml per 4 litres, will treat 1,000 square feet of garden. Can use on all vegetables, flowers, lawns, shrubs and trees.

Treat Your Seeds & Plants with Beauveria bassiana
Will aid your plants and crops in many ways:

  • Stimulation of immune system.
  • Restricts plant pathogens from entering the plant.
  • Interacts with plant to produce additive biochemicals.
  • Combines plant resistance to insect feeders for reducing population threat.
  • Will enhance flavour in all your vegetables.

Mixing Instructions

Shake concentrate well before mixing.
Mix 15 ml in 4 litres of water, wmix well and spray over 500 sq ft garden and water in. Can be sprayer over flowers, vegetables, perennials, shrubs, trees or bare ground. Will not burn.
Apply first in early spring and again 4 weeks later. For seed starting, mix 5 ml in 1 litre of water. Mix well and spray over seed before covering.