• This is a “New” advanced hydrogel technology that is a water and soil management tool designed for the horticultural industry. This amazing product stores hundreds of times its weight in water.
  • Easy to apply – just mix in soil at time of planting!
  • Optimizes moisture conditions for maximum plant growth.
  • Developed specifically for water and nutrient retention in soil and potting mixes.
  • Reduces frequency of watering.
  • Enhances survival rates of new plants, shrubs and trees.

Application rate, 125 grams per 50 ft of garden row. Effective for more than 1 season and will hydrate and de-hydrate dozens of times over the growing season.  A must for your containers!

Printable Information Sheets:

Stockosorb – English/French-2 Sided

Stockosorb-Instructions halfpage