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Iceberg Collection

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One each of:

8339 Royal Jubilee Ninebark
Compact shrub with tidy branching. Dark purple foliage throughout the summer and pink-white blooms in spring. Striking contrast plant! Ht .9-1.2 m (3-4 ft.).

8368 Iceberg Alley Dwarf Willow
From a cold, inhospitable climate comes a tough plant for our prairie landscapes. Iceberg Alley combines silver foliage and eye-catching spring catkins with a dense, compact form that’s perfect for today’s small modern landscapes! Ht .9 -1.2 m (3-4ft).

8345 Lady Marmalade Potentilla
A compact shrub with unique, rose-like flowers in shades of orange and red. Prolific bloomer over a long season from summer to fall! Loves the heat! Ht .9 m (3 ft).

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