A new and improved ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea with strong, beefy stems and massive blooms. The breeding goal was stronger stems to eliminate flop, but along with that came incredibly large blooms too! Each bloom has roughly 4 times as many flowers as ‘Annabelle’! This hardy, strong growing hydrangea delivers loads of big blooms that emerge lime green, change to white and then to green. The big flower heads are held up by sturdy stems that don’t droop, even after a heavy rain. Largely trouble-free, it has few pests or diseases. It is a hardy hydrangea that blooms on new wood, so even if killed to the ground by extreme weather it will still produce summer flowers. The blooms are extremely attractive both in the landscape and as a cut flower. A good choice for both fresh and dried arrangements. Mature ht 1.4 m (5 ft). 1 pint pot at shipping time.

  • Very large rounded heads of white flowers
  • Transition from lime green to white
  • More upright and sturdy than the Annabelle

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