A highly effective, non-toxic, insect controller. When insects or slugs walk or slither over tiny particles of diatomaceous earth, that’s the beginning of their end. The 100% natural dust consists of microscopic razor-sharp diatoms which were sea critters that inhabited the earth millions of years ago. The dust slices into their bodies, causing dehydration and death. It’s perfectly safe for humans, animals, fish and food and can be used outdoors and indoors. Controls earwigs, ants, cockroaches, spiders, beetles, silverfish, bedbugs, crickets, wasps, fleas, grain insects and slugs.

Diatomaceous Earth
Wet Application Methods

If you need to apply diatomaceous earth to areas where dry DE won’t stick, the wet application method is a great option. Mix the two at a ratio of four tablespoons of DE per gallon of water and apply in a thick coat to tough spots, like the tops and undersides of your plants.