Outstanding varieties that have passed the test by thousands of gardeners! The University of Manitoba’s George Luther is responsible for Prairie Pride, Dr Charlie Walkof developed Charlie’s Red Staker & Manitoba Tomato at the Morden Research Station in Manitoba. Manitoba Proud!

1 package of 15 seeds (total 3 packages) of:

2280 Prairie Pride (55 Days) – Bush type
Abundant, flavourful, low acid content, medium-sized fruit on sturdy, compact plants. Bush type.

2312 Manitoba (60 Days) – Bush type
Has pleased customers for years! This bush will pro­duce many fine, firm 175 gm (6 1/2 oz) brick-red medium Tomatoes. Popular everywhere! Bush Type.

2355 Charlie’s Red Staker (65 Days) – Staking type
Larger smooth-skinned, very uniform and prolific producer.
Staking type.

These varieties are also available in larger package sizes