Sharpener Kit – All 3 tools above in one kit! Keep all your garden tools sharp as new!rnrn1-Secateur, pruner and lopper sharpener quickly restores the cutting edge of secateurs, pruners, loppers and pruning knives with either curved or straight edged blades. Clamps to the back edge of the tool blade and the grinding jig ensures sharpening to the correct angle.rnrn2-Rotary mower blade tool fits to any power drill and produces a sharp new cutting edge on rotary mower blades in minutes without removing the the blade from the mower! Also puts a keen edge on spades, hoes, lawn edgers and axes, making them much easier to use.rnrn3-Sharpens most types of shears including stainless steel, long-handled, wavy edge and shears with a single cutting edge. Household scissors too!