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Organics Alive 4 Gal

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An incredible ‘proven’ 100% organic booster! This Bioponics Extractor produces a “tea” that has a fully balanced soil biology in a highly conentrated form. Lab testing showed a biological multiplication of 9 billion. This machine is designed with a pre-mix cartridge to provide high quality concentrated product every time with the ease that anyone can produce in only 24 hours. Some of the incredible studies to date:rn This bioponics tea was used by Dr. Bradford in the four year pecan research study producing a 400% increase in yield.rn Japanese Agriculture used this bioponics tea on 14 rice farms for side by side tests. The average yield increase was 220%. 100% of yield tested as #1 on an 8-point scale. The normal root ball of 4 inches in diameter was increased to over 20 inches. The average of 30 stems was increased to 60-80 stems. rn This bioponics tea used with worm castings, compost, and mulch on Carpentier Park in Cardiff, CA provided a lush park using 75% less water than any other city park being watered only once per week for 20 minutes during the hot months of July thru Sept, no water January thru March, and only once per week for 15 minutes.rnOrganics Alive® extractors are engineered specifically for the Organics Alive® bio-cartridge. The OA extractor sends dissolved oxygen through reverse osmosis-treated water at 6 PPM (parts per million) and at a precise temperature. This process will aerobically feed and multiply the biology within the OA bio-cartridge.rn*Makes 24 litres of concentrate, when mixed provides 96 litres of appliable solutuion.