other sizes: Mr Big Peas

A 2000 All-America Selection. Besides producing extra large pods (very easy-to-shell) that are 11 cm (4.5 in) long and contain 8 to 10 plump, sweet tasting Peas, it also yields like crazy. We suggest you support this vigorous grower. Trials showed that they would climb 2 m (6 ft) when supplied a trellis. If left unsupported they only got 1 m (3 ft) high. Great sweet flavor makes Mr Big ideal for eating fresh, but it also is an excellent freezing Pea!

Planting Instructions
Soaking seeds is not advised for damp soils. Use a seed inoculant and sow seed 2cm (1″) deep. After April 15th, sow seed 5cm (2″) deep. Space seeds 2-7cm (1-3″) apart in the row. Add inoculant (Legumes fix nitrogen due to the relationship that exists between legume plants and a group of soil bacteria commonly known as rhizobacteria or rhizobium. In order to ensure good nitrogen fixation by the legume, so it is necessary to inoculate the legume with the proper strains of bacteria prior to planting the seeds).

Instructions for successfully growing peas

Garden Peas
When the pea pods are swollen (appear round) they are ready to be picked. Pick a few pods every day or two near harvest time to determine when the peas are at the proper stage for eating. Peas are of the best quality when they are fully expanded but immature, before they become hard and starchy. Peas should be picked immediately before cooking because their quality, especially sweetness (like that of sweet corn), deteriorates rapidly. The pods on the lower portion of the plant mature earliest. The last harvest (usually the third) is made about one week after the first. Pulling the entire plant for the last harvest makes picking easier.