There are approximately 30-40 pea seeds per 10 grams – a 50 gram packet will sow a 20 ft row

Parsley Peas are different from other peas because they produce tender and delicious, multi-branched, leafy edible tendrils that resemble parsley yet taste like peas. Semi-trailing plants grow to 2-3 ft. tall, and will also produce pea pods that are similar to snap peas. Excellent for growing in containers. Harvest whole plants at 8-12 in. tall, or snip just the tendrils to allow the plants to mature and produce peas. Add Parsley Pea tendrils to salads, sandwiches, or tossed into stir-fries at the last minute.

Planting Instructions
Soaking seeds is not advised for damp soils. Use a seed inoculant and sow seed 2cm (1″) deep. After April 15th, sow seed 5cm (2″) deep. Space seeds 2-7cm (1-3″) apart in the row. Add inoculant (Legumes fix nitrogen due to the relationship that exists between legume plants and a group of soil bacteria commonly known as rhizobacteria or rhizobium. In order to ensure good nitrogen fixation by the legume, so it is necessary to inoculate the legume with the proper strains of bacteria prior to planting the seeds).

Instructions for successfully growing peas