The first ever Penstemon to become an AAS Winner in more than eighty years. Beautiful red and white bi-colour unique large bell shaped flowers adorn well-branched plants that attract both hummingbirds and butterflies all summer! Remove spent flowers to encourage continuous flowering. Ht 40-60 cm (16-24 in).

Planting Instructions

Start seed 6 to 10 weeks in advance of intended date for moving plants to the garden. Cover seed lightly with soil. Germinates best at 23 C (73 F) usually in 8-12 days. Transplant at the 3 leaf stage and maintain 21 C (70°F) temperatures and keep moderate soil moisture levels–do not saturate soil and allow to dry out between waterings. Over-watering will stunt growth. Fertilize every 2 weeks with 10-52-17 and liquid seaweed for strong healthy plants. Garden spacing 45 cm (18 in) apart.