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Peony Collection

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This collection of 3 peonies will add a wonderful splash of colour to your landscape!

Coral Sunset:
This outstanding peony produces intense sunset coral, semi-double blossoms with rose overtones and a fluffy boss of deep yellow stamens in the center. The lightly fragrant flowers are long lasting in fresh bouquets. Ht 28 inches, spread 24 inches.

Originated by Klehm in 1980. “Whopper” peony lives up to it’s name. Blooms are very large on the mature plant.
It will require staking in the garden. Lovely fragrance. Highly recommended for use as cut flower plant. Opens a bright pink/ivory and fades to light pink/ivory. Very large pink ruffled outer guard petals, with softer pink/ivory fluffy ball center.

Henry Bockstoce:
The cardinal-red color alone would make this Peony an impressive addition to any garden, but the large size of its fully double flowers secure its status as a standout. Although held on sturdy stems, these magnificent blooms may need staking to protect them from wind and rain.

Planting Instructions
Growing Peonies (pdf printable file will open in new tab)