Don’t forget to dedicate 1/4 of your garden to your cover crop.⁠

Our Spring Fling features nitrogen-fixing legumes, annual grasses & broadleaves to:⁠

🌱 boost soil fertility⁠
🌱 stimulate soil biology⁠
🌱 out-compete weeds⁠
🌱 build healthy soil structure.⁠

Our farm to garden blend creates a healthy garden the way Mother Nature intended by using plant diversity to heal degraded soils (green manure crop).

Boost soil fertility, stimulate soil biology, out-compete weeds, attract pollinators & build soil structure.
340 grams will cover 400 sq ft of garden!

3 Kg will cover 3,500 sq ft of garden!



Printable pdf information: 185
Planting Instructions


Rotate this cover crop to a new section of your garden each year.