Not only a vitamin-packed, mineral-rich, sweet berry for
eating out of hand, but also an immune-system booster and general body
elixir much prized in China. The Cantonese add young leaves and shoots
to stir-fries and berries to soups and other dishes. Attractive shrub
grows to 1.3 m (4 ft). Arching branches are loaded with bright red 2 cm
(3/4 in) long, narrow berries. Plants are self-fruitful and do not require cross-pollination.

Planting Instructions
Shrubs, Trees & Fruit Trees

All “bare root” nursery stock (wrapped in cedar shavings) must be soaked for a minimum of 24 hours upon arrival.

Please “DO NOT” soak “seedling plugs” which are all-ready growing in
soil, these should just be watered and transplanted directly into the

Please make sure to read the plant label, it tells you how to handle it!

-Separate cedar packing material from roots and discard, it should not go into planting hole.
-Young trees need ample water to establish,  water generously 2 times a
week for the first two months, three if conditions are very dry.
-Always dig hole large enough so that roots are spread out evenly.
-Plant about 1-2 inches lower than old soil mark on tree or shrub.
-Never let exposed roots dry out in sun or wind.
-Apply light feeding of Fruit Tree and Shrub Fertilizer after initial
planting, then every 2-3 weeks after that until late August.
-If you are unable to plant right away, make sure roots are soaking in water and in a cool place.
-On any grafted stock, make sure you cut off any suckers (branches from
below graft) that start growing. These occur most often on Apple trees,
plums and Roses.

Prune to get the desired shape and height or to check vigorous growth.
On spring flowering shrubs, pruning should take place after flowering is
completed. Non-flowering shrubs should be pruned during dormant period.
On older shrubs it is advisable to cut back the older stems to ground
level, while cutting the younger more vigorous stems to half their
height. In the case of new shrubs, it is sometimes helpful to prune back
the top third after planting, this gives the shrubs roots a better
start as they have less to feed and thus can root quicker.

We store all our nursery stock in temperature controlled coolers right
up until we ship. When you receive your stock it will just be starting
to break dormancy. Soaking of stock is essential in getting the stock
off to a good start. In some cases stock may be slow to leaf out. If
this happens prune back tree or shrub by 1/3 and water heavily for 10
days. This will encourage stock to root and break dormancy.