These giant Dahlia flowered type will attract all kinds of attention to your garden! The vibrant brightly colored blooms are 15 cm (6 in) across on 45 cm (18 in) plants. Consistent flower size, flower form and plant uniformity will make these a winner in any garden!

Planting Instructions
Sow seed outdoors as soon as soil can be worked. Cover seed very lightly and keep the soil moist until all seedlings appear. For earlier blooms start seed 4 weeks prior to intended date of transplanting outside. Germinates best at 21 C (70 F) in 7-10 days. Reduce heat after 3 – 4 leaf stage to 15 C (60 F). Transplant as soon as possible to prevent shock. Fertilize every 2 weeks with 10-52-17 and liquid seaweed for strong healthy plants. Garden spacing 30 cm (12 in) apart.