Discount Information

All applicable discounts are automatically applied to each product and/or order.

Our early order discount is 10% off orders of $90 or more if you place your order by February 15, 2021, excluding shipping and taxes.

Quantity Break Discounts

Certain items will have a lower price if you order more than a minimum amount. An example would be 7136 Storm of the Century Daylily which is $8.95 but will be re-priced to $7.95 each, if you order 2 or more.

Collection Discounts

Certain items will have a lower price on a “collection” of items than if you purchased each product separately.  This can help you add some variety or colour to your garden and save a few bucks.

Item Group Discounts

If you order a minimum number of items from a select group of items, you will get a discounted price for all items in that group. Our Herb Special is a great example, where a single herb could cost $3.25 whereas a group of 3 herbs would cost $2.75 for each of the 3.