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Shipping & Handling

We ship across Canada from coast to coast and in the northern territories all year round.

Shipping Dates

All Seed, gardening supplies, health products and houseware products are shipped 12 months a year and will be shipped from our warehouse by Canada Post within 48 hours of your order being processed.

Shipping Charges

We ship across Canada and use Canada Post exclusively

Seed, accessory and Home and Health items $9.95
(special $4 shipping charge on 10 or less vegetable and flower seed “A” size packets only)
Perishable items $10.95.

Perishable Product Shipping

We ship live plants and focus on making sure you receive them in great condition.  To accomplish this we follow a schedule that is impacted by our local and your regional weather to avoid extreme cold, extreme heat or extreme variation.  Generally, we ship orders earlier to southern areas and later to northern areas.  The following is an approximate schedule:

Province  Seed/Accessory  Early Bulbs  Nursery
BC  48-72 hours  March April/May
AB  48-72 hours  March/April April/May
SK  48-72 hours  March/April April/May
MB  48-72 hours  March/April April/May
ON  48-72 hours  March/April April/May
QC  48-72 hours  March/April April/May
Maritimes  48-72 hours  March/April April/May

We ship perishable stock until approximately June 15th, depending on the weather.