Shipping Information

Shipping Dates

All Seed, gardening supplies, health products and houseware products are shipped 12 months a year and will be shipped from our warehouse by Canada Post within 48 hours of your order being processed. Some orders may take a bit longer.

Smaller orders can be mailed in special envelopes/packaging that Canada Post has approved and which we have a special rate of $4

seed cannot go into regular envelopes as these go through a roller which would crush most types of seed.

Regular shipping rates are as follows:

Special small seed orders- 10 or less vegetable and flower seed “A” size packets only, (collections, specialty seed not included) shipping is only $4.00.

If the seed portion of the order does not fall under small seed order criteria then shipping is $9.95 for seeds & accessory orders.

$10.95 for bulb & nursery orders which are stored and shipped separately.

There could also be extra shipping charges on orders if there are heavy items (turkey trot, alfalfa gold, worm gold, sky rockets – the 5 to 10 kilo sizes) This will be based upon your location and Canada Post rates.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at:


Phone: 204-895-9962

Perishable Product Shipping

We ship live plants, seedlings, bare roots and shrubs all across Canada and focus on making sure you receive them in great condition.  To accomplish this we follow a schedule that is impacted by our local and your regional weather to avoid extreme cold, extreme heat or extreme variation.

We monitor the weather very closely and generally ship orders earlier to southern areas and later to northern areas and territories.  The following is an approximate schedule:


 Early Bulbs


BC  March April/May
AB  March/April April/May
SK  March/April April/May
MB  March/April April/May
ON  March/April April/May
QC  March/April April/May
Maritimes  March/April April/May

The shipping season generally runs from  as early as March 15th through as late as June 15th, depending on the weather.

If you have provided your email address to us, you will be notified by email when your order leaves our warehouse.

If you have to receive your orders by a specific date, we can try to meet your timeline.  Email us at:

Early bulbs, sets & potatoes: Keep in mind these are the approximate dates when we ship and it can take 7-10 days for Canada Post to deliver them to your door. We will also delay shipping if there is a risk of freezing in transport.