Our Guarantees

We are proud to support our gardening customers with fair prices on products that we stand behind with strong policies.

Seed Guarantee

All seed supplied by us meets or exceeds Canada #1 standards. However, even with the highest quality product, success depends largely upon cultivation, soil and weather conditions. Our liability, therefore, is limited to the amount actually paid for the products purchased. We will replace the product or credit your account on the amount paid and our discretion. Deadline for reporting any seed problems is July 15th in the year purchased.

Petunia Seed Guarantee

We buy only top rated seed that has been tested. We will not replace seed on zero germination complaints, as that is an indication of improper conditions.

Perishable Stock Guarantee

We purchase our perishable stock from all over the world. All stock is shipped into our Headingley warehouse, where it is packed and stored under temperature controlled conditions. This ensures the stock is kept dormant and fresh, right until we ship your order. We buy stock that is hardy to zones 2 and 3. If it is not, we state this in the description.

It is our continuous endeavor to provide our customers with healthy stock of perishable items. Young trees, shrubs or root-stock is a plant that is dormant and is not actively growing and may give the impression of being dead. However, it is in a waiting state and needs to be planted to grow. We guarantee that your perishable item is in living condition at the time of receipt by you, the customer. Dormant perishable items may take some time to show signs of life after planting. Please allow at least 6 weeks (45 days) after planting for dormant plants to leaf out.  Perishable items MUST be fertilized once every two weeks from planting until mid-late August. This is a crucial step in ensuring the plant will break dormancy. We recommend using a high phosphorus fertilizer (ex:10-52-17) to help encourage root and bud development. Please refer to our blog on the website for Gardening blog tips https://ttseeds.com/blog/

Warranty and Claims

If the perishable item does not leaf out within 6 weeks of planting it, you may submit a claim up to  90 days from the shipping date. Claims must be accompanied with photos in order to be processed. Once claims have been received, our customer service team will get in contact with you. However, if your perishable stock arrives damaged, frozen, or is incorrect please contact us or start a claim immediately online. Please ensure all warranty claim submissions include your order number, customer number, and full mailing address. Once the perishable item has sprouted, it is subject to climactic, soil and other growing conditions beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee subsequent results. Our warranty does not cover overwintering.


If we request for any items to be returned, a return mailing label will be provided. The product must be returned as soon as the mailing label is received to process your claim.  Upon receiving the returned item we will credit your account for the amount paid.

T&T Seeds wants you to be happy with your order. If we have not made you happy, we want to hear so that we can correct it.

Our Polices and Warranties

Product Return Policy

Non-seed or non-perishable merchandise that is purchased in store or online may be returned for a credit or refund provided that the product is in its original packaging, within 30 days or purchase with the original receipt.

We don’t accept returns of bulk landscape material; soil, gravel, etc.

Product Warranty

Non-seed or non-perishable merchandise that is purchased in store or online that is defective can be exchanged for a replacement or for your money back, provided that the product was purchased within 30 days and is returned with the original receipt.