T&T Seeds History

T&T Seeds has been in the mail-order business since 1946! It was started by Jerry and Paddy Twomey. They operated it together until 1967. That year Jerry sold-out to Paddy, who continued to run it till he was joined by his eldest son Kevin in 1974. Kevin took over the management in the late 70’s and has been the General Manager since. In 1981 he was joined by his younger brother Brian who is the Operations Manager. Kevin and Brian Twomey owned the business until 2016 when they sold to Jarrett and Jackie Davidson, while continuing to work diligently and have fun doing it.  It has been and is still very much a family business employing many family members from the Twomeys, Davidsons and several multi-family employees.

T&T Seeds has specialized in early season garden seed and nursery stock for the home gardener and market gardener since its inception. The bulk of the business has been carried out in the prairie provinces, with British Columbia and North-western Ontario being a steady source also. Eastern Ontario has become a source of renewed growth and has been steadily increasing since 1993.

T&T Seeds originally was located in downtown Winnipeg in the exchange district since it opened its doors. The first location was 120 Lombard Ave. where the mail-order was operated out of 10,000 square feet. In 1975 the operation moved across the street to 111 Lombard Ave. where over the next 20 years it expanded to 35,000 square feet. The largest expansion occurred from 1985 on, when T&T began shipping and handling its own tree and shrub stock. Over $200,000 was invested in large walk-in coolers for storage of dormant plants. This enabled perishable product to be kept dormant until shipping time, thus providing a healthy product for the customer to transplant. No other seed company in Canada has the extensive refrigeration facilities that T&T has accumulated.  Today we stock over 80 varieties of trees & shrubs and 80 varieties of perennials in our coolers.

In the summer of 1997, T&T relocated to a small acreage in Headingley Manitoba. A new 16,000 square foot warehouse was built for distributing our orders across Canada. Also at this time our refrigeration was restructured, thus improving our storage facilities for the perishable stock. Along with this site we have greenhouses for producing a wide selection of bedding plants and started fruit & vegetable plants. This new location has provided an efficient site for the quick processing of the mail-order business as well as provide us with a 5 acre trial garden to test new varieties, fertilizers and techniques.

Since 1946, T&T Seeds has been one of the leading garden supply mail-order houses in Canada. T&T has actually been five catalogues in one;