We feel will this variety will quickly become one of the most popular apples on the prairies! A juicy large apple that was selected by Bert Porter of Honeywood Nursery of Parkside Saskatchewan. Bert was a prolific breeder who found world fame with his lilies and was passionate about hardy fruit trees. Lost for many years, it was found by Jim Coutts of the Scott Experimental farm in Unity Saskatchewan. It is one of the largest fruited sorts, bearing fruit that is yellow-green with a red cheek, often exceeding commercial McIntosh Apples in size. It ripens in late September and is a good dual purpose variety, and keeps well under refrigeration. Fabulous in pies and excellent fresh eating.
Some of the trees will be oversized (long) and will need extra shipping charges. If oversize shipped is required we will notify you before we ship the item in the spring.


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