Use for quicker and better germination of your seeds such as carrots, beets, lettuce and other types of seed. Small seeds don’t always survive long enough in the garden to germinate. The hot sun can “cook” finer seed before it can germinate, birds may raid the bed right after you finish planting, or heavy rain may wash the seeds away. Covering the seeds with burlap protects them so they stay just where you planted them until they sprout. Burlap also retains moisture so the soil doesn’t dry out, while allowing you to irrigate without fear of washing away the seeds. This kit comes with all you need to get your rows started and protected. Note: seed not included.

2 pieces of burlap sheets, 30 cm x 3 m (12 inches wide x 10 feet long).
20 Landscape Staples 30 cm x 3 cm (12 in x 1.18 in).
Instructions included.