Quite simply–this might be the only Cucumber you need to plant! Impossible to define as a “pickler” or “slicer” because it is both! A great dark green salad Cucumber from small sizes on up, and it’s a marvelous pickling cuke from 5 cm – 12 cm (1 1/2 – 5 in) long. Rich dark green colour and excellent flavour will make this your favourite Cucumber–easy! Very disease resistant.

Planting Instructions

Seed outdoors as soon as danger of frost has past in your area. Cover seed lightly with soil, 3 – 4 seeds together in groups. Space groupings 120 cm (4 ft) apart. For earlier Cucumbers start indoors 2 to 3 weeks in advance of intended date for moving the plants to the garden. Use Jiffy pots so the container and roots can be buried without disturbing the root system. Also make sure the pot is wet when transplanting. Sow 2 seeds per pot and do not thin. Germinates best at 22 C (72 F) in 7 to 10 days. Fertilize for the first 3 weeks with 10-52-17 formula. Cucumbers are good for dills when 5 cm (2 in) long and excellent for slicing when full grown. This variety is best grown on a fence or trellis as it is a vine type. Excellent space saver when grown this way.

Growing Cucumbers (printable file – link will open in a new tab)


Cucumber-Mint Salad Dressing


2 medium cucumbers

1/2 cup fresh mint leaves

1 large clove garlic

Juice of half a lemon

1/2 cup mayonnaise

2 cups sour cream

1/3 cup red-wine vinegar

Fresh black pepper


Peel cucumbers, slice in half lengthwise, and scoop out seeds with a spoon. In processor puree mint leaves, garlic, cucumber, and lemon juice till very fine. In large bowl mix this together with mayonnaise, sour cream, and vinegar. Add a few twists of black pepper.


Makes 4 cups