The 2023 edition focuses on climate-aware gardening. As our guest editor for this year, we invited Dr. Danny Blair to join us. Dr. Blair is a co-director of the Prairie Climate Centre and is a professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Winnipeg where his area of expertise is climatology. His research looks at climate change with a particular focus on the Prairie Provinces. Dr. Blair and a number of his colleagues as well as several of our other authors provide information that will help you understand climate change, how it is affecting us now and how it will continue to affect our practices in home gardening in the future.

The 2022 edition focuses on smaller spaces. Whether you are new to gardening or an old hand, working with a large garden or confined to a tiny balcony, everyone has a smaller space where they want to grow plants. This edition covers the all important gardening question: what can I grow where? And how do I get the best out of the space I am working with? Learn about light and how it works to feed our plants, how to keep potting soil fresh and viable, about house plants, making small gardens look bigger and making gardens where you’d never believe possible. Guest editor Mr. Tomato introduced Kozy-Coats, Sea Magic seaweed concentrate and other products to the gardening world. He has also guest-hosted a gardening radio program and has been featured on CBC’s “Canadian Gardener”. Treat yourself to a copy – makes an ideal gift, too!