The T&T Grab and Go Bag offers a convenient solution for gardeners, eliminating the need to sift through numerous seed options. Each pre-made bag is curated by theme, enhancing both convenience and excitement. The “4202A – Cool Weather Garden” bag includes seeds like Vancouver Spinach and Cherry Belle Radish, perfect for colder climates. “4203A – Cut Flower Garden” offers a colorful array of flowers such as Dwarf Sensation Cosmos and Giant Double Paper Daisy to brighten up any garden space.

The “4204A – Bug Off Garden” is tailored to repel insects, featuring plants like Lavender Lady and Lemon Balm. For those looking to support pollinators, the “4205A – Save the Bees Garden” incorporates bee-friendly options like Lavender and Borage. Each theme is meticulously crafted, ensuring gardeners can easily select a bag that suits their specific needs and preferences, promoting not just ease of choice but also a thematic gardening experience. Seed varieties are subject to change, with no options for requests or substitutions.