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A new cultivar of chickling vetch with higher drought tolerance and greater nitrogen fixing capacity than other legume’s that do require more moisture. Tests in Swift Current showed that grain yields were equal to fallow and 59% greater than on fields that had wheat stubble alone. An improvement over Indianhead black lentil. 500 grams to 700 square feet.

Planting Instructions
A strong growing legume, once it gets established will grow very aggressively. Excellent for prairie conditions as it will handle dry conditions. Will improve nitrogen content and organic matter in your soil. Plant in early spring as a summer fallow crop. Sow at the rate of 500 grams (1 lb) for 700 square feet, just broadcast the seed and rake in covering the seed with 2 cm (3/4 in) of soil. Keep moist till germination occurs. The crop should be worked into the soil at full bloom stage or later. For a stronger crop it is recommended that you use Nature’s Aid Garden Inoculant.