(55 Days) Spinach-like plant, but of a different colour! The velvety leaves are a bright fuchsia, with bright magenta stems, making it pretty enough to be a houseplant. Has a spinach like flavour. Will grow 60 to 90 cm (3 to 4 ft) tall, but can be picked at any stage! It makes even the most mundane salads exciting with its brilliant colour and subtle mineral flavour. Also known as Loboda.

Planting Instructions
Seed outdoors as soon as weather and soil conditions permit. Cover seed lightly with soil, 4 to 5 seeds per 45 cm (1.5 ft) of row. Average garden soil and a sunny location will produce loads of leafy growth. Thin to 45 cm (18 in) apart when 5 cm (2 in) high. Successive seeding every 10 to 14 days will provide fresh tender leaves all summer long. May also be planted in the flower garden as a contrast plant.