Sufficient material to pre-inoculate up to 3.6 kilos (8 lb) of seed prior to planting.

Improves the growth and production of peas (including sweet peas),
peanuts and beans. Contains billions of live bacteria that are essential
in the nitrogen fixating process of many plants. The Rhizobium bacteria
exists naturally in the soil, especially if the ground has been
previously planted with grown legume crops. Studies have shown that
often (though not exclusively), the Rhizobium that comes from prepared
inoculants is better at fixing nitrogen than the bacteria already in the
soil. Also increasing the amount of bacteria results in more nitrogen
fixing. That’s why you can never apply too much legume inoculant. The
more you use, the better it works

Inoculant helps germination rates, increase plant vigor, and speed up
the time between sowing bean, peas, sweet pea and peanut seeds and
reaping a crop.