one package of each of the following

375 Rainbow Mix Beans
A delightful mix of Purple, Green, Yellow and Roma type Beans. This tasty blend will be perfect for your little gardener to grow for eating fresh or for Mom and Dad to pickle!  Packet = 50 grams

380 Rainbow Mix Beets 
All the different rich coloured beets–Red, Cylinder, Bull’s Blood, White and Gold.  Packet = 7 grams

385  Rainbow Mix Carrots 
A blended mix of Purple, Red, and Orange Carrots to colour up your salads.  Packet = 7 grams

390 Rainbow Mixed Lettuce
A full range of Lettuce: romaine, redleaf, green leaf, butterhead, and head types for colourful and enticing salads!  Packet = 250 seeds

392 Rainbow Mixed Radishes
Vibrant radishes of purple, red, white and gold contain crisp, white flesh with a refreshing, tangy flavour!  Packet = 5 grams